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*Survival Foods*

Good selection of MRE's.  WISE Food Buckets in stock !

Disabled Veteran, Owned & Operated.

MRE'S individual or by the case as available. X-MRE'S same contractors, same shelf life, these are used by government agencies, institutions and hospitals. They have a more family friendly menu. We waited a year for our pallet to be delivered so get 'em while you can. Wise Foods are a leading name in freeze dried meals, the shelf life is awesome (25 YEARS!) and they taste really good.  We eat them and like them, a real get it and forget it prep. Stores in a small space and is always there if you need it!

     We are a stocking dealer for MANY Tactical Armor Products.  Brigadoon Military Surplus is your local 'go to' store for tactical armor products and body armor accessories.


BulletSafe  ‎Body Armor, AR500 plates, Level III+ / AR500 Body Armor, plate carriers, Tactical Vests, ‎Holsters And Belts, AND SO MUCH MORE!!

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